Friday, April 15, 2011

Cartier Roadster Watch

It’s hard to think of the Cartier Roadster watch and Napoleon in the same thought, right? Well, guess what? We all know that when it comes to watches, Cartier is IT; it’s elegance, it’s sophistication, it’s rich and simple all rolled into one, but it’s interesting to learn that the Cartier line started as far back as 1847, the time when Napoleon III was in power.
The founder, Louis-Francois Cartier, was the son of a horn-maker who was later to conquer the world with his designs. He was a designer of magnificent things, but his designs were simple. Whereas ornaments and even household treasures at the time were overly designed, he kept his work easy on the eye. He would create designs of the highest quality and as much as possible keep them simple and in line with nature.
He happen to meet a Countess Nieuwerkerke who had access to the Royal Court. The Countess was so impressed that he introduced him to court and the first thing that he ever sold there was a tea service to Empress Eugenie. His fame started to spread and he young Cartier was ordered to make more and more adornments for the Royals. He never got to make a watch though, and when he eventually died and his son, Alfred Cartier took over, he expanded business, keeping his father’s theme of simple, expensive and beautiful and there the first Cartier watch was created. You can see how far back the finesse that comes with your Cartier Roadster Watch goes.

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Of all Cartier’s magnificent watches in the market, the Cartier Roadster watch continues to be one of the best – it ranks number 2 in Cartier watch sales. It’s inspired by automobile designs although it has not tied itself to any particular car or car maker. Cartier is confident that they can sell their watches without endorsement from carmakers.
Despite the fact that it’s made to be a sporty watch, you will find that it’s as elegant as watches come.
As you can imagine, there are plenty of fakes in the market. So how do you make sure that you're wearing the real thing, the inspiration that came down since the ages of Napoleon? There are ways to tell if you’re getting a fake, and here are a few of the basic ones.
  1. The Cartier Roadster watch is made of stainless steel and this translates into heavy. Not too heavy for your hand, but heavy enough to tell you of quality right away. You can check the specs on the Cartier website to see just how much a Roadster weighs so that as you make the investment, you know that you're getting the real thing.
  2. Check the finishing; all designer watches will have a finishing that’s simply flawless. You will not find any rough edges, and parts that aren’t sitting well, loose bits or extra glue. The makers take each watch though a quality check after it’s complete to make sure that watches with these kinds of defects do not get into the market.
  3. Look at the logo, and this in fact is one of the best ways to tell if you're getting a genuine Cartier. The logo will be real and the letters will be raised from the stainless steel. It should have the logo perfectly engraved in the clasps well as the back.
  4. The last and quite easy way of knowing a good watch from a fake is to drop water on the face; it should bead and then roll off as one bead of water. If it splashes, that’s ordinary watch and that’s not an original Cartier.
The best thing that you can expect from Cartier watches is that they last. Your watch will most likely live long enough for you to pass on to someone else, and what better thing to pass on than something as valuable as a Cartier Roadster watch?

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